Week 8: Win Some, Lose Some

Dates:   19th August – 25th August, 2013

Bottle shop: New World Regent, Whangarei


  1. Stolen Base, by Boundary Road (i.e. Independent/Asahi) (single 500ml, $5.99)
  2. 2009 IPA, by Founders (again, Independent/Asahi) (6-pack 330ml, $14.99)

Total: $21.99

Just a quick post this week – I’m far too busy enjoying my last week of holiday on the Tutukaka Coast (which is a disgusting, not-at-all pretty, despair-filled Shithole – so definitely DON’T come here and crowd-up the beaches.  Go to the Coromandel instead, like everyone else.  Kay?  Kay.).

I did however want to check-in and tell you that I inadvertently gave all my money to Asahi this week.

I knew full well that I was handing over cash to Them Foreigners when I reached for the Boundary Road bottle – since even the most head-buried-in-sand beer consumer knows by now that Boundary Road is an empty shell fronting-up as the brewing face of the third Brewing Big Guy, Independent.  But I was none-the-wiser about the Founders beer; last I heard, they were an actually-independent organic brewery from Nelson.

Funny story: turns out Independent owns Founders now after purchasing their craft pedigree late last year.  I was wondering why I could get a six-pack of their beer in the far North.photoy1

To be honest, I was a weeny bit disappointed with the Founders Pale Ale – it was fine, but the finish (that’s fancy-talk for aftertaste – see how smart I’m getting?) was oddly similar to having a wad of paper stuck in your mouth – specifically supermarket receipt paper.  Sounds weird, but that’s what I got.  The malt was also quite fleeting, which meant that the bitterness from the hops wasn’t as balanced as I like it.


As for the Stolen Base American Double IPA – you know what?  It was Pretty Damn Yum actually.  It had a good solid malt base with an abundance of hoppy aroma and flavour.  Being a Double-IPA it weighs in at 8%, so you definitely have to be a bit careful – since it may disappear a bit too quickly and render you Utterly Useless for the rest of the day.  But if you’re on holiday, then it’s totally fine to drink it waaaay too fast and then fall asleep on the couch at 4pm.



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